2017 Summer Course Report

Wado Ryu Karate-Do Academy

Summer Course 22nd – 26th July 2017 Report

Sensei Robert Howells MBE

“Ichi go Ichi e”

Unlike previous years the Wado Academy summer course this year was held in two locations. Three days of the course were held at the normal venue of the Lymington Leisure Centre and for the other two days, it was held at the New Milton Leisure Centre, just down the road. The split venue did not cause any problems and everyone enjoyed themselves. There were over 70 students training throughout the week with no day seeing less than 50 students taking part. As in previous years students came from England, Scotland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Holland, France, Dubai, Malaysia and Sweden. The atmosphere on the course, as like every other Academy course, was friendly with students training in the spirit (Ichi go Ichi e) that our Chief Instructor Sensei Shiomitsu 9th Dan Hanshi Shihan would wish.

The structure of the course was the same as in other years with early morning training from 0630 to 0730 on 4 out of the 5 days and with the main training being split in to 2 sessions from 1000 to 1200 and 1215 to 1400. On the final morning of the course the early morning activity took place on the sea shore at Milford-on-Sea. Thirty five Academy members turned up and there was a run along the sea front in very stormy conditions followed by the tradition of training in the sea. It must be said that on this occasion the sea was very warm and it was definitely nicer to be in the water than out. Thanks also to Matthew Soanes 5th Dan Sensei and Robert Howells 6th Dan Sensei for taking some of these sessions. Thanks must also go to Ms Akiyo Shiomitsu who provided the essential administration for the course, which was as always very professional.

During the rest of the course instruction was split between Arthur Meek 7th Dan Kyoshi and Peter Hill 7th Dan Sensei, with Graham Tuckey 6th Dan Sensei invited to take the first half of the Monday morning session. Throughout the course the principles of Wado Ryu Karate-Do were stressed again and again by the instructors. The importance of correct basics and combination techniques were always revisited. Various katas were practiced from Pinan Godan through Kushanku to Niseishi. From each certain practical applications were explained and used in pair work. There was also Idori led by Peter Hill Sensei with the first 4 being practiced.

Arthur Meek Sensei talked about the dangers of over emphasising Kime in techniques and the possibility that this could hinder fluid continuous movement. He also examined how important it is to have correct breathing with a relaxed body and a mind which is focussed on the task in hand. Finally, the concept of Tai Sabaki was dissected and illustrated by referring to how Shiomitsu Sensei explained this in his various seminars over the years.

At the end of the course a Dan grade examination was held. The Dan Grade Panel consisted of: Arthur Meek 7th Dan Kyoshi, Nick Quillam 7th Dan Sensei, Peter Hill 7th Dan Sensei and Robert Howells MBE 6th Dan Sensei. The following students passed the grading and they are to be congratulated on their efforts:

First Dan

Amir Din – Farnham and Aldershot
Susan Greenaway – Devon Wado Kai
Rebecca Chalmers – Devon Wado Kai
Dillon Chalmers – Devon Wado Kai

Third Dan

Joseph Bale – Budo Juku Dubai