2018 Summer Course Report


Summer Course Report
R. Howells MBE

“Tou Kon”
M.Shiomitsu 9th Dan Hanshi Shihan

This year’s Academy summer course was again held at Lymington Health and Leisure Centre
from Saturday 28th July to Wednesday 1st August 2018. It was well attended with 89
students visiting the course over the course of the week, with numbers not falling below 50
on each day. Students came from England, The Netherlands, Portugal, Dubai, France,
Norway, Italy and Germany. The course started with the Academy’s assistant Chief
Instructor, A. Meek 7th Dan Renshi updating everyone on our Chief Instructor’s health and
conveying M. Shiomitsu Sensei’s message to all course participants of “Tou Kon” or fighting

The first day of the course was taken by the assistant Chief Instructor and during this period
of instruction the main themes of the course were laid down. These were: mudana
(incompassing chikara, dosa, waza) or no unnecessary movement when applying a
technique. In addition to this the concepts of: datsu, ryoku and hado were covered along
with noru, nagasu and inasu. Basic junzuki was practiced again and again in order to try and
master it and explanation of kata techniques and M. Shiomitsu Sensei’s concept of kaisetsu
with regard to kata were also covered. Finally, A. Meek Sensei presented Dan grade
certificates for 3rd Dan to J. Bale of Budo Juku Dubai.

As in previous years on the remaining four days of the course, the training was split into 3
separate sessions. The first was the early morning training from 0630 to 0730, with a run
followed by light training techniques. The first training session was not a good omen as the
rain came down like “stair rods” and for the 38 brave souls who ventured forth the
elements guaranteed them a good soaking; but at least the rain was warm! On the four day
the traditional dip in the sea was undertaken and unlike previous years (in which the
weather has been quite unpredictable) the sun shone; The Isle of Wight and The Needles
were clearly visible and the sea calm. It undoubtedly made up for Sunday’s training were
getting wet was a totally different experience.

The second session of the day started with mukso and then the instructors practiced more
basic techniques: gyakuzuki, junzuki no tsukomi and gyakuzuki no tsukomi and applied the
principles mentioned above. On Day 2 this session was taken by P. Hill 7th Dan Sensei, Day 3
by G. Tuckey 6th Dan Sensei and on the final two days by our assistant Chief Instructor.

The third and final session was then split between the course instructors. A. Meek Sensei
took those who were going to take their Dan grading at the end of the course or in the near
future. He also went over for Dan grades Tanto Dori No. 1a; explaining its significance to M.
Shiomitsu Sensei and why he had included it in the current Dan grade syllabus. P. Hill Sensei
took those Dan grades not contemplating a grading. He covered such things as Kihon
Gumite (Nos: 1, 5 and 6) as well as Kumite Gata and various aspects of selected kata. The
kyu grades were taken by R. Howells 7th Dan Sensei and various basic pair work was
practiced covering defence against punching on one day and kicking the next.

On the last day the Dan grading was held with 11 students taking his or her Dan grade. The
Dan grade panel consisted of: A Meek 7th Dan Renshi, N. Quillam 7th Dan Sensei, P. Hill 7th
Dan Sensei and R. Howells MBE 7th Dan Sensei. The following students were successful at
the grading and are to be congratulated on his or her achievement.

First Dan

Gabriel Beck – Budo Juku, England
Daisy Grundy – DWR, England
John McPake – DWR, England
Edgar Pais – AKPW/Budo Juku, Dubai
Gemma Shanahan – Budo Juku, England
Bryan Smith – DWR, England
Ben Vernon – Jion, England
Jasmine Yen Yi – Budo Juku, Dubai

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to Ms Akiyo Shiomitsu for her administrative support
throughout the course. Her help was first rate and ensured the week passed without a